Conservation Facility

Currently, we support and co-manage with our partner two basic facilities for the conservation of Painted Terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) on the field.

The first is the Painted Terrapin Information Center (PTIC) located in the Village of Pusung Kapal, Subdistrict Seruway, District of Aceh Tamiang, Province of Aceh, Indonesia. The facility was built by our local partner PT Pertamina EP Rantau and inaugurated by local stakeholders (chief of district government, BKSDA/Agency of Conservation of Nature Province Aceh, etc) in October 2017. However, the daily management of this center is conducted by our staff together with the Community of Tourism of Village Pusung Kapal, and supervised by BKSDA Aceh.

The PTIC is functioned as a learning center for public to want to learn the conservation of Painted Terrapin and it’s habitat. To do this, the center has one small hall where the visitors will see the conservation movie and get explaination by our staff and community group.

If the visitors are intrested to know further information and experiences such as visit nesting beaches, an opportunity to see the wildlife in riverside (if the visitors are lucky, they can see the terrapin when basking on logs or tree in riverside), coastal birds, they can ask or request this educational tourism package to community group. The member of community group will be very enthusiasm to accompany and interpret what will be found.

The center is also functioned as hatchery (can accommodate about 60 – 100 nests) for the eggs saved in nesting patrol activity and raise the hatchling for a moment (between three to six months) before released back into wild. The center has one pool for hatchery and another one pool for rearing. So, the visitors will able to see the practical experience of how the conservation process have been implemented by us and partners.

The second facility is the pool to raise the hatchling or rearing of Painted Terrapin located in Karang Gadang Gading Langkat Timur Laut Wildlife Reserves, District of Langkat, Province of North Sumatra, Indonesia. This facility actually a cage of habituation for coastal birds before released into wild, owned by Big Agency of Conservation of Nature, Province of North Sumatera. Then, we renovated it in 2021 by adding a pool and fence.

We are aware that this is still far from perfect. Therefore, we are expecting to be able to upgrade it with more pool, working and guest house, small hall. So, it can be such as a learning center where people can learn and conduct an ex situ researches, and captive breeding facility in the future. This will be owned by the Agency and we will manage the facility together with them.

If you want to know further information on facility, please contact us or the Agency.