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Fifty Hatchlings of Painted Batagur Released Back Into River

Painted Terrapin Hatchlings Released into River. All are marked with Pit Tags for future monitoring. For the second time in this year, Satucita Foundation (Yayasan Satucita Lestari Indonesia), BKSDA Aceh, PT Pertamina Field Rantau, release Painted Terrapin hatchlings into original habitat, Tamiang River.  Fifty individuals of seven-month old hatchlings released in this event. The event … Continue reading Fifty Hatchlings of Painted Batagur Released Back Into River


The Growth of Painted Terrapin Hatchling Looks Promising

The hatchling of Painted Terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) that raised at rearing ponds of Satucita's Conservation Center growth well for second month. The average length of carapace for May is 8.1 cm or increase 1.9 cm compared to April or increase 3.7 cm compared to March. The average length of carapace on March is 5.4 cm … Continue reading The Growth of Painted Terrapin Hatchling Looks Promising

The hatchlings growth well after raised a month

After about a month raised at headstarting facility, the hatchlings of Painted terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) are growth well. On 4 of May measurement, the average weight is 49 gram, length of carapace is 6,2 cm and width of carapace is 5,8 cm. In previous measurement on 30 March, their average weight was 41 gram, length … Continue reading The hatchlings growth well after raised a month

Cyclemys oldhami

Oldham turtle (Cyclemys oldhami) or Kura-kura Oldham is a medium sized turtle, that can grow up to 15 – 24cm. Very similar to Cyclemys dentata. They have webbed feet and are highly aquatic, especially as juveniles, however, they tend to become more terrestrial as they get older with adults spending more time on land. This … Continue reading Cyclemys oldhami

Forest softshell turtle

Forest Soft-shell Turtle (Dogania subplana) or Labi-labi hutan or Bulus hutan (local name in Indonesia), is an elusive species of clear, fast-flowing streams and quiet muddy backwaters. Lying partly submerged in the substrate, the distinctive patterning helps in its camouflage. However, the pairs of eyespots or ocelli on the carapace tend to stand out. The … Continue reading Forest softshell turtle

Chinese soft-shell turtle

Labi-labi china (local name) or Chinese soft-shell (Pelodiscus sinensis) turtle has a oval carapace without scutes. It is smooth and leathery in adults, while juveniles have rows of small bumps along the back. The plastron in adults is cream, grey or yellow with no patterns, while juveniles have pinkish-red plastrons with black blotches. The body … Continue reading Chinese soft-shell turtle

Southern river terrapin

Tuntung sungai is Indonesian name for this species. The southern river terrapin (Batagur affinis) is a turtle of the Batagur family found in Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia. This species is protected in Indonesia. Spread in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Very rare to find in the wild, even in collectors. A survey in east cost Sumatra could … Continue reading Southern river terrapin