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Fifty Hatchlings of Painted Batagur Released Back Into River

Painted Terrapin Hatchlings Released into River. All are marked with Pit Tags for future monitoring.

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Painted Terrapin Released Back Into Habitat

A total of 20 hatchlings of Painted Terrapin (Batagur borneoensis), an endangered species, released back on to the original habitat, Tamiang River, District of Aceh Tamiang (12/08/2015). According to the IUCN, Painted Terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) is a critically endangered species and listed in Top World’s 25 Most Endangered Turtles at the Global Level. Continue reading “Painted Terrapin Released Back Into Habitat”

Socialization to Strengthen Community Groups to Protect Species and Habitat

Socialization and discussion to conserve Painted Terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) and habitat was held in Subdistrict Seruway on 21 October 2015. The socialization and discussion was held to strengthen the knowledge and planning of Satucita Foundation and two community group that established to protect the species. The discussion giving result that the upcoming nesting patrol, habitat rehabilitation will involve community group.

In the opening speech, Head of Subdisctrict Government of Seruway said that the conservation of this species must be supported and would like to thank to Satucita Foundation that facilitate and help locals to preserve this critically endangered species.

Meanwhile, the Head of BKSDA Langsa, Bambang Harsoyo, presented the regulation of protection on animals and plants. He also supports the Aceh Tamiang Local Government to issue a local regulation to protect this species in the district.

Joko Guntoro, program director of Painted Terrapin conservation, presented the status and distribution of this species and some scientific findings and the method to preserve wildlifes, included Painted Terrapin. In addition, the establishment of two community group was aimed to protect the species and habitat. Therefore, he aksed the commitment of the member of these groups for working together to save this species from extinction. The foundation will help and facilitate the locals to do that when the same time develop opportinities to empower villagers, such as a possibility to develop ecotourism.

In the end of discussion, member of community said that they will working together with the foundation to save the species and asked the foundation to facilitate them to protect the species and habitat, included empowerment of ex-hunters that usually take benefits from selling the eggs. The majority of member of community group is hunters that educated by the foundation to form a group to protect the species. It is expected that the groups can be developed as community ranger and take benfits from conservation in the long term.

This event was opened by opening speech by Head of Subdistrict Government of Seruway. The event was attended by 23 participants from two community group, Satucita Foundation, BKSDA Resort Langsa, Subdistrict Government of Seruway. (SF)

How Fast the Growth of Painted Terrapin Hatchling?

How fast the growth of Painted terrapin hatchling?

A Painted terrapin hatchling, named Roni who was blind from birth, was hatchedon 26 March 2013. Roni did not released back to the wild because he is blind so it is feared that he will not being able to survive well in the wild. Due to this reason, Roni has been reared in captivity in the pond. Currently Roni aged 1 year 1 month 9 days or 404 days old. She/he was hatched with a carapace length of 5.2 cm and 4.7 cm width. While currently the carapace length of 11.8 cm. Thus, Roni has been grew 6.6 cm after 404 days in captivity. When Roni was 1 month old – on April 2013 -, his/her carapace length only 6.3 cm. In other words, the growth during the first month is 1.1 cm. Continue reading “How Fast the Growth of Painted Terrapin Hatchling?”

Fencing the Area of Rearing Facility

Area of rearing facility of Tuntong Laut (Painted terrapin/Batagur borneoensis) have been fenced. Fencing is done to prevent disturbance by animals, such as goats and cattle, which often enter the area. Also to prevent the possibility of human disorders such as theft. This area will be complemented by several CCTV cameras for security support. Continue reading “Fencing the Area of Rearing Facility”

Socialization in Junior High School

Saturday (10/3) is the last day of our pilot project of campaign to junior and high school students in Sub-district of Seruway. This in-door event is a continuation of our education program that started since October of 2011. Sixty students was attended our socialization program in SMP Negeri 1 (Junior High School No 1) Sub-district of Seruway on that day. The facilitators consist of Joko Guntoro, Yusriono, Devianta – all are the members of Satucita – and a teacher of Biology from that junior high school. The attendees are consist of all of grades (grade VII, VIII, IX) in junior high school. Continue reading “Socialization in Junior High School”

Releasing Khairul – Name Given to Male Painted Terrapin – Back to Habitat

                Khairul eventually released back into their original habitat. Khairul is the name we given to male of Painted Terrapin was released on July 26 at 2:55 pm. This male who weighs 9.5 kg, length (curve line carapace) 40.2 cm and width (curve) 38.6 cm released after about 7 days in the captivity of fishermen. Khairul was caught by the fishing nets on 20 July in area of Kuala Peunaga. This area is the only remaining area that rich of riverside vegetation Berembang (Sonneratia sp.)

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Stakeholders Meeting to Formulating Campaign to Students

Lembaga SatuCita was held a Foucussed Group Discussion to formulating material (contents) and methods to educating students about the importances to save Painted Terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) in the area. Representatives of students, teachers, university lecturer, officer of local government and law enforcement, leaders of local people and institution were involved in this meeting.
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Final Report of Preliminary Study of Painted Terrapin in Aceh Tamiang

Indonesia is rich of freshwater turtles and tortoises. A total of 27 species of turtles can be found in Indonesia. One of the most important and threatened with extinction according to IUCN Red List is Batagur borneoensis. The species is also included in the Top of 25 Freshwater Turtle in endangered. According a map produced by Iverson, one of the habitats is in Sumatera. However, the map did not include the Aceh Province as one of the habitats. In the meantime, the existing regulations have not list this species as protected animals, as Regulation Number 7 of 1999.

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Poor Facilities for Turtles Must be Ended!

Medan, 19th of May

The weather is so hot: 34 degrees Celsius . Joko Guntoro (principal officer) and Djoko Priyadi (a volunteer) – go to visit the Crocodile Garden in Asam Kumbang, Medan City, North Sumatera, Indonesia. This garden is well known amongst locals as a place for watching crocodiles.

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