This program is aim to restore the habitat of critically endangered species that we conserve. We aim to reforest the riverine vegetations, mangroves and rainforest. We do believe that good forest is good for people and wildlife. We collaborate with local community to implement this program. We establish community groups, train and facilitate them to reforest their areas. In addition, resforestation will produce benefits to locals livelihood such as replanting the riverine vegetations at mangrove forest will increase fisheries productivity.

mangrove forest aceh

Currently, we have initiative to rehabilitate the degradated and converted riverine and mangrove forest with native plants to recover the habitat of Painted Terrapin. The mangroves have been converted to agricultural development. As of 2015, 4 hectares of riverine have been replanted with Sonneratia sp. We aim to reforest about 100 hectares to 2018.

mangrove reforestation