To achieve our vision, we have some programs:

  1. Painted Terrapin Conservation. A program to recover the wild population of critically endangered freshwater turtle species Painted Terrapin (Batagur borneoensis). This is a comprehensive program including nest patrol, field survey to monitor the wild population, outreach and education both online and offline, head-starting and releasing, and research on the ecology and biology of terrapin and habitat.
  2. Reforestation. This program aims to restore the habitat of critically endangered species that we conserve. We aim to reforest the riverine vegetation, mangroves, and rainforest. We collaborate with the local community to implement this program. We establish community groups, and train and facilitate them to reforest their areas.
  3. Expeditions. We have carried out field expeditions to inventory and investigate the status of the herpetofauna, especially in Northern Sumatra.
  4. Community empowerment. The program aims to develop and facilitate an alternative sustainable economy for local people around endangered species. We develop local mangrove ecotourism and small-scale sustainable fishery.
  5. Training on wildlife conservation to youth, especially students. We do this through the online method and the participants will get a certificate at the end of the program.