To achieve our vision, we have some programs:

  1. Painted Terrapin Conservation Program. A program to recover wild population of critically endangered freshwater turtle species, Batagur borneoensis.
  2. Reforestation. This program is aim to restore the habitat of critically endangered species that we conserve. We aim to reforest the riverine vegetations, mangroves and rainforest. We collaborate with local community to implement this program. We establish community groups, train and facilitate them to reforest their areas.
  3. Youth on Earth. A program to connect youth and students to appreciate nature and wildlife. This program is conducted through facilitations and training to schools and students to increase their capacity (knowlegde and skills) on nature. Establish a Students/Youth Group of Nature is an example of this program.
  4. Expeditions. We have carry out field expeditions to inventory and invetigate the status of herpetofaunas, especially on Northern Sumatra.
  5. Ecotourism. Developing ecotourims and facilitate people to take an initiative to appreciate on earth and biodiversity when visit tourism destinations.