Southern river terrapin

Tuntung sungai is Indonesian name for this species. The southern river terrapin (Batagur affinis) is a turtle of the Batagur family found in Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia. This species is protected in Indonesia. Spread in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Very rare to find in the wild, even in collectors. A survey in east cost Sumatra could … Continue reading Southern river terrapin


Asiatic softshell turtle

Bulus is indonesian name to call Asian Softshell Turtle aka “Asiatic Soft-shell Turtle” (Amyda cartilaginea). It's shell can growth up to 83 cm long. It's head and neck are long, and the mouth is narrow and tubular. The head is dark with yellow spots and splotches. Shell is olive or brown to black with tan … Continue reading Asiatic softshell turtle

How to care turtles

Keeping turtles require much attention, a long-term commitment, and their routine maintenance requires time set aside each day. With a proper habitat and clean environment, watching your turtle swim, dive and chase his food provides seemingly endless entertainment. Here are some tips for you to keep turtles: Habitat Keep the temperature at 77 to 95 … Continue reading How to care turtles

Asian box turtle (Cuora amboinensis)

The South Asian box or Malayan Box Turtle (Cuora amboinensis) turtle gets its name from the ability to box itself up completely within its shell. This is due to the hinged lower shell, which, like other box turtles, can be folded up when the head is withdrawn, securely protecting the animal from any predators. It … Continue reading Asian box turtle (Cuora amboinensis)

Spiny turtle (Heosemys spinosa)

Heosemys spinosa is a very distinctive turtle. It has a sharp point on each marginal scute of the carapace and several more along the keel. There are smaller spines on the pleural scutes, creating the effect of a walking pin cushion. Adults may lose of the spines along the keel and pleural scutes. The carapace … Continue reading Spiny turtle (Heosemys spinosa)

Fencing the Area of Rearing Facility

Area of rearing facility of Tuntong Laut (Painted terrapin/Batagur borneoensis) have been fenced. Fencing is done to prevent disturbance by animals, such as goats and cattle, which often enter the area. Also to prevent the possibility of human disorders such as theft. This area will be complemented by several CCTV cameras for security support. After … Continue reading Fencing the Area of Rearing Facility

Eighty One Hatchlings of Painted Terrapin Produced

A total of eighty one hatchlings of Tuntong Laut (Painted terrapin / Batagur borneoensis) has been produced until Tuesday, April 2, 2013. The eighty one babies are the result of hatching effort conducted by satucita foundation since December 2012 in its rearing facility. The eggs has been incubated since the findings when survey carried out … Continue reading Eighty One Hatchlings of Painted Terrapin Produced

Rescue of Painted Terrapin Eggs is Continued

A total of 119 eggs were rescued by a team from December 2012 to January 2012. This means there is the addition of 50 eggs since December 22, 2012. A total of 119 eggs were rescued from seven nests were found on two beaches. Five nests found in Ujung Tamiang beach, while remaining in Pusong … Continue reading Rescue of Painted Terrapin Eggs is Continued

Secure Painted Terrapin Eggs

Since the 10th December 2012 we have been conducting a nesting patrol to secure eggs from human threats and natural predation. Our team accompanied by a forestry officer has secured 69 eggs of Painted Terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) from 4 nests on two different nesting beaches. In this period we also recorded that two females failed … Continue reading Secure Painted Terrapin Eggs

Eleven Painted Terrapin Caught and Marked in First Survey

Our first survey was carried out for two weeks in early May. We found eleven Painted Terrapin (Batagur borneoensis). Six males, five females. The survey was between the 3rd and 16th of May.  After the data was collected and every individual marked they were released into the rivers where they were originally caught. The survey … Continue reading Eleven Painted Terrapin Caught and Marked in First Survey