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About Painted Terrapin Fundraising Campaign

Satucita Foundation is a local not for profit organisation in Sumatra, Indonesia, who working on wildlife conservation, especially freshwater turtles and tortoises. Our vision is to build a harmony between wildlife and human.

To achieve our vision, we are implementing some activities:
1. Field research and monitoring
2. Educational campaign, including socialization to students, villagers and general public
3. Publishing educational material such as booklet, brochure, poster
4. Increasing local capacity (capacity building) through training
5. Developing sustainable local livelihood such as developing educational tourism

About Painted Terrapin (Batagur borneoensis)

Painted Terrapin is one of Top 25 Most Endangered Turtles and Tortoises across the globe according Turtle Conservation Coalition (2011). This unique and often included as one of most beautiful freshwater turtles is listed as critically endangered according IUCN. The illegal eggs harvesting every nesting season, massive poaching to meet the high demand on 90’s decade, pet trading are main threats for the survival of this species in wild. We are also have lack of knowledge on this species. Therefore, researches are also a must.

Our works on Painted Terrapin

For about 6 years, we have been working to restore Painted Terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) in District of Aceh Tamiang, Indonesia. Supported by our partner, as of today, we have released 1,204 hatchlings into original habitat, river and estuaries, through our annual nest patrol activity. The hatchlings released are marked and Pit tagged. We are also conducting regular field survey on the rivers to monitor the adult population and the hatchlings released to investigate their survival in wild.

Thousands of people have been reached through our educational campaign by social media, public meetings, printed media. Helped by our partner and facilitated by us, a Painted Terrapin Information Center (PTIC) is established and managed by community group. PTIC is an initial step to develop educational tourism regarded Painted Terrapin and habitat, mangroves, included threatened wildlife found in Painted Terrapin habitat such as crocodile, small-clawed otter, monitor lizard, silvery lutung, birds, etc.

About painting used in t-shirt

The painting that used in t-shirt is based on photograph that taken by us when conducted field survey five years ago. Perhaps that is the only one picture of male Painted Terrapin in wild (not in zoo or captivity). Through field survey, we have successfully taken photographs of wild Painted Terrapin, adult and hatchlings released. If you are interested to see and purchase (donate to us), please contact us at our address below.

About this fundraising

Through this fundraising, we would like to involve you and more public support to help us achieve our vision, current and future activities. We are welcome your questions and comments before you decide to buy and support our works.

To purchase these items, please click this link: Terrapin Fundraising on Bonfire.

Contact us

If you would like to know further information about our works, achievements, or donate to us, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

save turtles and terrapins

Let’s save turtles!

Let’s save turtles! The Painted Terrapin Species Survival Plan® (SSP) Program of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) is sponsoring a fundraising campaign through t-shirt sales at to support efforts in the wild to save the critically endangered Painted terrapin and other turtle species from extinction. We are supporting the efforts of the Satucita Foundation. The Satucita Foundation helps to save the Painted terrapin in the wild by conducting field research, community outreach, and releasing turtles! Help us help the heroes who are making a difference!

save turtles and terrapins

The Painted Terrapin AZA Species Survival Plan® (SSP) Program strives to manage and conserve an endangered ex situ species population with the cooperation of AZA-accredited institutions. SSP Programs develop a Breeding and Transfer Plan that identifies population management goals and recommendations to ensure the sustainability of a healthy, genetically diverse, and demographically varied population. The Painted terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) is an aquatic estuarine turtle and one of the most endangered river turtles in South East Asia. During the breeding season the head of the males turn white and a red stripe appears between his eyes giving it a ‘painted’ appearance which is how it gets its name. Along side our efforts to manage captive populations we aim to educate and support conservation efforts of the Painted terrapin. After all, the ultimate goal is to see these turtles living in the wild unthreatened and thriving. The Satucita Foundation is a great conservation champion who play an instrumental role of saving these turtles and we hope you can help support their needs.

The Satucita Foundation (Yayasan Satucita Lestari Indonesia) was founded and registered in Minister of Law and Human Rights in 2012. This small and local foundation was founded by conservationist Joko Guntoro. The idea to form the group – that transformed to a foundation – is based on the result of preliminary study on the Painted Terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) that was conducted by Joko Guntoro. The study found that the population of this species was threatened by egg poaching, habitat loss, and had disappeared in many locations. Unfortunately, the same threats were also found to other freshwater turtles and tortoises. Therefore, to conserve this species effectively, when there were no organizations that had interest and attention to do it, a special organization must be formed. So, the Satucita was established to overcome the challenges and threats.

The Satucita Foundation’s vision is to “to achieve a harmony between human and nature” with an aim to conserve other reptiles and amphibians, particularly freshwater turtles and tortoises in northern Sumatera, Indonesia. Since it was found, the Foundation is actively working – in situ and ex situ – on Painted Terrapin conservation. To achieve their vision, the following activities are implemented:

1. Field research and monitoring
2. Environmental education and campaign
3. Establish head starting facility as educationand conservation facility
4. Developing local livelihood to support speciesand habitat conservation

By participating in this fundraiser you will be supporting the Satucita Foundation and local turtles. Your donation will be used to help carry out field monitoring and surveying, nesting patrols, field research, increasing awareness, improving their head starting facility and conservation center, and restoring habitat. Thank you for exploring the possibility to support Painted terrapin conservation. Save Turtles with Satucita!

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