Our team

Governing Officer (Director)

Joko Guntoro. Graduated in Social Development from Gadjah Mada University in 2007 and Management from Indonesian Islamic University in 2003. He is also an alumnus of Durrell Conservation Academy. He joined a local NGO called Yayasan Ekosistem Lestari as a livelihood officer to support Sumatran Orang Utan Conservation Program from 2007 to 2010.

Then, he found the Satucita Foundation in 2011 to promote and carry out the conservation of freshwater turtles, tortoises, and their habitat in northern Sumatra, Indonesia. He is directing, planning, and monitoring the programs of the Satucita Foundation. However, because of his passion for turtles, nature, and field research, he is also often involved in field activities, as well as field monitoring. Because of his role, he was selected as one of the Disney Conservation Heroes in 2016 (nominated by Turtle Survival Alliance) and a nominee of Kalpataru in 2016.

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He is also a member of the IUCN Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles Specialist Group, IUCN Commission on Education and Communication, and Associate Editor of the Asian Journal of Conservation Biology. He is also writing scientific papers in journals and popular articles in newspapers and magazines. His paper became a baseline for the study of Painted Terrapin in Indonesia.

Experienced in environmental conservation campaigns, social media, sustainable livelihood, and high interest in the ecology of turtles, photography. He is also a freelance consultant in ecology and a special interest tour guide.


Guntur Adi Sukma, SH. Graduated in Law from Univeristy of Samudera, Langsa in 2006. Very experienced journalist in Northern Sumatera. He has a high interest in environmental journalism. He is also a winner of some environmental journalism writing competitions. He went abroad several times to attend invitations for news coverage. Currently, he is an editorial secretary in a regional newspaper Analisa Daily in North Sumatera, Indonesia.


Yusriyono. Diploma in Management. Active in some social organizations. High interest in environmental conservation and journalism. He is responsible to run Satucita smoothly to achieve its mission and vision.


Formerly, he was a journalist in local media in Aceh. His knowledge of local social culture and broad relations with local stakeholders was vital in the development of the conservation of Painted Terrapin and organization. Because the Foundation is a small organization, he is also often involved in field activities such as nest patrol, field surveys, outreach, and education to the public.


Maharani, S.Kel. She is usually called Rani by her friends and colleagues. She was an undergraduate student in the Marine Department of Syah Kuala University in Banda Aceh. She has a deep interest in marine, mangrove, and wildlife conservation, especially turtles (including Painted Terrapin).


She was an intern at the Satucita Foundation in 2019. Then, she continue her interest in Painted Terrapin conservation by conducting her undergraduate research with a focus on the nest characteristics of Painted Terrapin in two nesting sites in Aceh Tamiang in 2020. Maharani has joined the Satucita Foundation in 2021. Currently, she is the secretary of the Foundation. Besides managing administrative tasks of the organization, because of her deep curiosity about the mangrove ecosystem, she remains involved in fieldwork and collecting data, especially about mangroves.


Mey Fitriani, SE. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the University of Samudera, Langsa. Her duties are to keep financial records of activities and record all inventory.

fitri yayasan

Outreach and Education

Abdul Hakim. He has joined Satucita since the organization found in 2011. High interest in mangroves and fisheries. Active in youth organizations in his village and the Indonesia Red Cross in the District of Aceh Tamiang.


His main roles are to run the Information Center smoothly and build relationships with the local community to support the conservation of Painted terrapin in the District of Aceh Tamiang.

Doni Lubis. His main tasks are to help the Foundation in the implementation of educational and campaign activities to increase local knowledge of Painted Terrapin conservation in the City of Medan and the District of Langkat, North Sumatera.

Doni tuntong

Painted Terrapin and mangrove conservation are not a new to him because he was also involved in the first nest patrol conducted by the Foundation in 2010-2011. His broad experiences in outbound and training will be helpful in outreach and education programs carried out by the Satucita Foundation.

Painted Terrapin Information Center (PTIC)

Martunis. He joined Satucita in 2013 as a field assistant. His deep knowledge of the mangrove and local people is useful to help us to build a strong relationship with the local community.

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He is responsible to keep the hatchery, and the hatchlings in the pool, recording the growth of hatchlings before released, together with outreach and education staff running the PTIC as a learning center in terrapin and mangrove conservation.


Syifa Saputra, M.Pd. Currently, he is a student in the doctoral program at Brawijaya University, East Java. His dissertation is about the ecology of Painted terrapin in Aceh Tamiang. Since 2019 has been actively conducted field researches of Painted terrapin Aceh Tamiang. He is also a lecturer University of Al Muslim, Aceh. His background will be very useful to support Painted terrapin and other freshwater turtle conservation.