Satucita Foundation (Yayasan Satucita Lestari Indonesia) was founded and registered in Minister of Law and Human Rights in 2012. This small and local foundation founded by a conservationist Joko Guntoro. The foundation was a transformation of Lembaga Satucita, a group that also founded in 2009 by Joko Guntoro.

The idea to form the group  – that transformed to a foundation  – is based on the result of preliminary study on Painted Terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) that conducted by Joko Guntoro. The study found that population of this species was threatened by eggs poaching, habitat loss and dissapeared in many locations. Unfortunately, the same threats were also found to another freshwater turtles and tortoises. Therefore, to conserve this species effectively, when there were no organisations have interest and atention to do it, a special organisation must be formed. So, the Satucita was established to overcome that challenges and threats.

As stated in our vision “to achieve a harmony between human and nature” we aim to conserve another reptiles and amphibians, particularly freshwater turtles and tortoises in northern Sumatera, Indonesia. Since was found, the Foundation actively working – in situ and ex situ – on Painted Terapin conservation. To achieve our vision, activities implemented are:

  1. Field research and monitoring
  2. Environmental education and campaign
  3. Establish headstarting facility as education and conservation facility
  4. Developing local livelihood to support species and habitat conservation