Release Painted Terrapin Back Into Habitat After Handed Over By Its Owner

One female Painted Terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) was released back into its habitat by the Big Agency of Conservation of Natural Resources Province of North Sumatra and Satucita Foundation on Tuesday (10/12).

Previously, that female was handed over by its owner in the City of Medan to the staff of the Agency (BBKSDA North Sumatera) and Satucita on Sunday (10/3). The owner said he got the Painted Terrapin from a market in Medan. The origin of this terrapin is unknown, whether she is from North Sumatera, Aceh, or other locations.

painted terrapin in langkat
Painted Terrapin has just been released into the river by a team of BBKSDA North Sumatera and Satucita.

After receiving the terrapin, the team of BBKSDA and SatuCita conduct a brief physical health screening. The terrapin has a wound on the left and right side of her neck, leeches parasite on her plastron and neck and it seems to experience stress which is indicated by having no appetite. To treat those problems, the terrapin was transferred to a head-starting facility located in Karang Gading Langkat Timur Laut (KGLTL) Wildlife Reserve from Medan.

The leeches were immediately taken from the plastron and neck of the terrapin, and the wound was treated with Betadine, an antiseptic which generally used for skin disinfection. During this treatment period, this aquatic species are placed inside a bucket without full water, so the wound will be recovered faster. It needs ten days for terrapin to recover from her wound, and her appetite looks better.

habitat of painted terrapin in langkat
Typical habitat of Painted Terrapin characterized by Sonneratia sp. in KGLTL Wildlife Reserves.

Finally, on Tuesday (October 12th), the female of one of the most endangered turtles in the world was released into a location recorded as this species’ historical distribution area, Karang Gading Langkat Timur Laut Wildlife Reserve, to reinforce the wild population. This place is known as one of the remaining wild population habitats on Sumatra Island. This location is expected to be a place for Satucita and BBKSDA North Sumatera to recover the Painted Terrapin wild population in a long term.


  1. Congratulations and very best wishes to this newly-released Lady Painted Terrapin – and many thanks to you.

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