Field Monitoring of Painted Terrapin

Field monitoring of wild Painted terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) have been carried out from 26 to 30 May. The monitoring was carried out with cooperation with BKSDA Aceh. During that time, 20 traps placed at 20 locations every day. So, totally, 100 point of locations were surveyed during five days. In that survey, nine individuals found. Seven are new captured, two are marked/tagged. Unfortunately, the tag has lost. So, we could not identify and determine the time of last captured of them.

Of nine individuals caught, only two are male. Another are females. So, the females are dominant of total population. Two traps also captured two pair of Painted terrapin in one trap. It was may be indicate that the pair was in mating. Moreover, the males were in sexual dichromatism. Through this monitoring, the distribution of population is can be estimated.

This finding is still compiled and analyzed with previous years survey to estimate the number and structure of wild population. (SF)

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