First field survey in 2014

Our team have carried out field survey to estimate the population, range, movement of Painted terrapin in Aceh Tamiang, between 22-27 June 2014. Five individuals were captured in that period. All of them are new capture. Ten traps were placed in Tamiang River, near by the village Pusong Kapal, every day. The traps were regularly checked every four to five hours.

Unfortunately, one male found dead in the trap. This is for the first time since we had applied the method since 2012. May be this dead is because of the long checking time. Therefore, the shorter checking time will be applied in the next survey. A Crocodilus porosuscrossing the Tamiang River was also found in the survey. This is an evidence that Painted terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) and Crocodilus porosus have a same habitat.

This survey is a part of our activities to conserve this species. The next is scheduled on August. The survey is conducted every two year. The last survey was carried out on June to August 2012.

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