Building an interpretation hall

Currently an interpretation hall to accommodate students who want to visit the rearing facility and learn about Painted terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) is being constructed. This small hall has 7 m length and 6 m width. This small hall is expected can accommodate about 30 students or participants.

This open space hall will be functioned as a discussion room and a media room where students or participants can watching a documentary movie or slide show about freshwater turtles conservation – particularly Painted terrapin and turtles in Aceh Tamiang – or environmental conservation.

a small interpretation hall is being constructed
a small interpretation hall, just next after the rearing ponds, is being constructed

Through this step, the students or local people will get the benefits such as an opportunity to see the Painted terrapin directly because it will be very difficult – to say impossible – to see the species in the wild. Now, they will see it directly, not only hear as before. We believe that this will be a step to tackle the lack of their knowledge about freshwater turtles, terrapin and their conservation. If you are interested to help us to this efforts, you contact us. (SF)