Roni is a name given to an individual of freshwater turtlePainted terrapin (Batagur borneoensis) – was born in our facility. He was born on March 26, 2013. His identity number is 80. The egg was found and secured from the beach on January 1, 2013, along with 14 another eggs in a nest located. However, from a total of 15 eggs in the clutch, only 9 eggs hatched successfully in rearing facility. Roni is one of them. Thus, it can be said that currently Roni has 8 brother / sister. But, only Roni who was born blind.

Roni the blind painted terrapin
Roni the blind painted terrapin

Although he is blind, his growth remains good. During April, his carapace length increased 1.1 cm, while width grew 1 cm. When he was born, the carapace length only 5.2 cm and 4.7 cm in wide. Now the carapace length is 6.3 cm and 5.7 cm in wide.

However, when compared with another hatchlings, his response to external stimulants is little slower. If another offspring diving immediately into the water when approached by people, he remained silent swimming on the surface. Therefore, we can catch him easily. Seeing this condition, we consider that Roni will not released into habitat because it would be easy for predators to catch him in the wild.

Roni the blind painted terrapin
Roni the blind painted terrapin

Nevertheless, he was still able to eat well. When we give food Kangkung (Ipomoea sp) or pellets into the pond, he was engaged to  chewed it with relish.

Bahasa Indonesia

Roni Si Kura-kura Buta

Roni adalah anak kura-kura air tawar (freshwater turtle species) Tuntung laut (Painted terrapin, Batagur borneoensis) yang menetas di fasilitas pembesaran . Ia lahir tanggal 26 Maret 2013. Ia adalah anak kura-kura ke 80 yang menetas di pembesaran. Karena itu, ia diberi nomor 80. Telur Roni diamankan dari pantai pada tanggal 1 Januari 2013, bersama dengan 14 telur lainnya yang terletak  di dalam satu sarang. Namun, dari total 15 telur di dalam sarang itu, hanya 9 telur yang menetas dan Roni merupakan salah satunya. Dengan demikian, saat ini Roni memiliki 8 kakak/adik dari satu ibu. Hanya Roni yang terlahir buta.

Roni the blind painted terrapin
Roni the blind painted terrapin

Walaupun buta, pertumbuhannya tetap baik. Selama bulan April panjang karapasnya bertambah 1,1 cm, sedangkan lebarnya bertambah 1 cm. Ketika ia lahir, panjang karapasnya hanya 5,2 cm dan lebarnya 4,7 cm. Kini panjang karapasnya 6,3 cm dan lebarnya 5,7 cm.

Namun, jika dibandingkan dengan tukik yang lain, responnya terhadap stimulan sedikit lebih lambat. Jika tukik yang lain segera masuk ke air ketika mengetahui ada orang mendekat di kolam, ia tetap diam berenang di permukaan air. Bahkan, kami dapat menangkapnya dengan mudah. Melihat kondisi ini sepertinya Roni tidak akan kami lepas ke habitat karena ia akan mudah dimangsa predator di alam.

Roni the blind painted terrapin
Roni the blind painted terrapin

Meskipun begitu, ia tetap dapat makan dengan baik. Ketika kami memberi makanan kangkung atau pelet ke dalam kolam, ia pun bergerak mencapainya dan mengunyahnya dengan lahap.

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