Carried Out Nesting Survey of Painted Terrapin

Kuala Simpang,

A team of SatuCita has been carrying out nesting survey of Painted terrapin (batagur borneonsis) in Seruway Subdistrict, Aceh Tamiang Regency, Indonesia. This team consist of SatuCita’s staff leaded by Joko, principal investigator, and helped by local people. The survey it self has started from 15th of October and planned until the end of February, 2010.

This activity is a preliminary study to investigate the existing conditions of Painted terrapin (batagur borneonsis) population in Aceh Tamiang. In the end of study, a document which will give a big picture of Painted terrapin conditions and the threats that they are facing, included strategy for Painted Terrapin Conservation Program (PTCP), will be published.

“This is just an initial step to set up Painted Terrapin Conservation Programme for Lembaga SatuCita and Aceh Tamiang Regency. We wish we can establish a Conservation Programme for Painted Terrapin here (Aceh Tamiang). Therefore, we need cooperation and support from other organisation and interested parties. We invite any interested parties to join us to save Painted terrapin” said Joko Guntoro, Excecutive Director of SatuCita also acting as principal investigator for this programme.

Lembaga SatuCita would like to thanks for supporting and funding from Turtle Survival Alliances (TSA) ( SatuCita has received TSA’s seed grant for carried out this important and strategic step. (admin)

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