Releasing Painted Terrapin

Kuala Simpang (Satucita),

Three Painted terrapin (Batagur borneonsis, formerly known as callagur borneonsis) released to their habitat after captured by local fishermen. Releasing carried out in Sungai Iyu Subdistrict, Aceh Tamiang Regency, on 9th of August 2009.

Before released, a team from SatuCita consist of Joko Guntoro and Udin taken some basic characteristic from that terrapin: measure their carapace, weighing. The length of their carapace between 48 cm – 57 cm and the weight between 16,3 kg – 22,7 kg. These three female Painted terrapin has important for nesting and sustainability of this species.

In the short discussion between team and fishermen who captured the species, Sanusi, 51 years old, said that this accidently. By information given by his friend, he contacted SatuCita to inform this capture. When Joko Guntoro and Udin came to village to see the species and releasing them, Sanusi asked Rp 200.000 for one Painted terrapin. After short discussion, in order to releasing Painted terrapin to lives freely in wildlife, Joko agree to pay Rp 600.000 for three Painted terrapin and give information to Sanusi and his friend who attended that actually the problem is not about the money, but Painted terrapin must be conserved because they playing a role to make estuaries and river ecosystem healty. So, painted terrapin also important for fishermen’s lifes.

In that time, Sanusi also said that many Painted terrapin lives in the river and nesting in beaches around village, although he can not make estimation how many the population.

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