Trading of green turtle eggs still continue. It was happened in Aceh Singkil, one of regency in Aceh Province, Indonesia. Although trading of green turtle eggs is banned by national regulation, practices it self still exist. Unfortunately, this happened in Singkil (18/3), the capital city of Aceh Singkil Regency, and near the Aceh Singkil Regent Office.Placed in one restaurant, called Away Restaurant, about 70 eggs was boiled and just waiting for a time to be eaten by restaurant visitor. Each egg priced Rp 4,ooo. “four thousand rupiahs for one egg” said restaurant owner when asked how much for one egg.

When asked where the eggs come from, the restaurant owner said that the eggs come from Pulau Banyak, an small island in Aceh Singkil and also has identified as a habitat for Green Turtle. In Pulau Banyak it self, there were a local foundation to promote turtle conservation and ecotourism. This local foundation has launched a Memorandum of Understanding or join statement between stakeholders to save turtle and developing ecotourism.

More over, the restaurant owner continue state that it is not too difficult to buy Green Turtle egg. Sometime, we can find a man who sell Green Turtle in Singkil Traditional Market, called Jembatan Ujung Market, easily. In the market, one egg sold three thousand rupiah.

Nevertheless, the restaurant owner continue the story, it is difficult to buy in big amount because the supply of egg sometime is difficult and in another time is easy . Guntoro, founder of SatuCita Institute, who has found this practice by his eyes directly, respond to this practice and said “We must stop this practice. If this practice has a sindycate, we must punish him. Law enforcement is first. So many regulation restrict the trading of this (Green Turtle Egg). Green Turtle is usefull for us to keep the food chain of ecosystem”.

This news contributed by SatuCita Institute. Please contact us at:

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